Heritage Makers

Celebrating Life Stories!

Heritage Makers was founded on the vision of celebrating life’s storeies.  Their mission is to help families preserve, honor, and strengthen tradtions, values, relationships, and the everyday lives of those we care about the most. Together, we can help buil children’s self-esteem, support strong families, and bridge beautiful friendships that will last a lifetime.

Heritage Makers storybooks, cards, and memory-making projects are a joy to create and share.  I would like to share one of my family projects with you.  You can create one too.


Heritage Makers News

Most of us are not famous and will not get our name in the annuls of history, but you can write your own story and leave a legacy for those who will come after you.

Please visit my website at http://www.heritagemakers.com/514349. Click on sing up in the upper right hand corner and create for yourself a FREE BASIC ACCOUNT. This cost you nothing. While you are in the FREE BASIC ACCOUNT window, check out the templates in the template gallery, the products, and the Heritage Makers Video.

If you have any questions or would like more information about these amazing products, please contact me at yourlegacymaker@gmail.com.

I look forward to working with you on your creations.



Club HM from Heritage Makers will help you turn the digital photos sitting on your computer into beautiful family keepsakes. Save money on custom published books, greeting cards, scrap pages and other projects. Get free access to over 4,000 pre-designed templates and 50,000 digital art pieces.

I am THRILLED about how affordable publishing with Heritage Makers has become.

We have changed the way we do business and here is how it works…

Instead of making a large purchase like $99 for a year of Premier (access to all of the digital art) OR 3 storybooks at a time because they are on sale, we are now offering a monthly membership. It is a monthly plan (without a long term commitment) where you pay, for example:

$30 a month, but you get 40 publishing points and your Premier is FREE!!

When considering this program. Think about what you will make in 2011:

Holiday cards
Family albums
Children’s albums
School projects
Invitations or announcements
Father’s Day or Mother’s Day projects
Vacation books
Halloween decor or cards
Family canvases
Home Decor
Kids sports books/projects

The Benefits of Club HM:

Savings of up to 50%
Convenient monthly point plan
Free Premier and access to Premier art and templates

Unlimited photo storage

I am having so much fun with Heritage Makers preserving my family legacy and helping others do the same.

Ask Me How


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