My Mothers Day Tribute to my Mother

My Mother does not have the internet, is not on Facebook, does not have an iphone or iPad to see this tribute, but be assured that she will get it (the old fashioned way) by mail.

As I lay in bed this morning thinking about the celebration of Mothers Day and how I wish I had something to give my mother, I became sad when I realized all the things she has given me over the years and still is.

We are all somewhat familiar with how this National Mothers Day of celebration came about, but way before then, the scriptures had already given us the mandate to honor our mothers (and our fathers).  That word “honor” was intriguing, so I looked it up.  One meaning is – great respect, high regard, show honor, treat with great respect.  And of course, one would need to know the meaning of regard and respect which in essence means high regard, honor, esteem, or it implies recognition and esteem of worth, with or without liking.

I am sure at some time or the other we all did not “like” our mothers and they didn’t care.  But we were taught to give them honor and respect. We did not talk when they were talking, we did not talk back, and when they gave us that look, we knew to get somewhere.  As the years have gone by, these are some of the things that I have come to realize:

  • I will only get one mother in my lifetime.
  • She was the vessel God chose to bring me into human being form.
  • As a mother myself, I realize the travail that she suffered in labor giving birth and before birth, her body was in pain to carry me in her womb for nine months.
  • She made sacrifices and did without for my well-being.
  • She endured pain and suffering and ridicule at the hands of others to make a better world for me.
  • She was my first teacher.  Even though she didn’t get much schooling, she is still a well of wisdon and I still learn from her and listen to her instruction.
  • When I was sick or hurt, she was the one who stayed up late at night to care for me.
  • When she couldn’t buy clothes for me, she made them with her own hands.
  • Her chastening me was for my own good and I am better for it.

I cannot count every deed she has done to make my life better because it would become a book. If there is any one that I owe my life to, it is my mother. I could never give her back the things she has so richly sacrificed, but whatever I can do to make her happy (even if I don’t want to do it) I will. I count it an honor and a privilege that God has given me every day to call and see how she is doing.  I don’t wait on her to call me, even though she does from time to time. And even that’s an honor for me.

The Intruders put it in a song in June of 1973 and I will not give you all of the lyrics but I will end with my favorite part.

I’ll always love my momma, she’s my favorite girl

I’ll always love my momma, she brough me in this world

She taught me little things, like “say hello and thank you, please”

While scrubbing those floors on her bended knees.




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