The Aspects of Woman

Throughout the world this week, people will be celebrating Mothers Day. This calling is something that all women should take seriously. Being a mother is an awesome task. Women are culture bearers. They transmit the history and traditions of their people down through the generations. They are the heart of the home and the matrix of the family. Over the span of their lives, whether they are queens, princesses or beggars, doctors or ditchdiggers, homemakers or heartbreakers, women continue to learn and grow.

Child, Maiden, Wife/Lover, Mother, or the Aged Woman – our own personal life spans. The Child greets the world with innocence, certainty, and the clear-eyed freshness of youth. The Maiden senses the changes in herself and the world around her. The Lover combines the knowledge of sensuality and selflessness. The Mother nurtures and empowers all humankind (that’s deep). The Aged Woman, from her pedestal of wisdom, offers learned lessons to those who know how to listen. This circle is ever continuing, with each one learning and teaching.

Wherever you are in the circle of the Aspects of Womanhood, share with those around you in other places on the circle. Help and teach the ways of women to the Maiden. Share the joy with the Wife/Lover. Nurture and empower those in your sphere as the Mother. Listen and learn from the Aged Woman.

Which age is best? The one you are enjoying right now. Be sure to get the best from it.


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