Pictures Generates Words

Do you still have your photos under the bed in a box or in the attic in a trunk? Are you still looking at them in the family picture album? Think of what those pictures could be saying.

ONe of my favorite times is when I visit my mom and she lets me look at the family pictures she has collected over the years. OH THE STORIES THOSE PICTURES TELL! Since I can remember, my mom has always loved to take pictures. There are four of us girls and she would line us up from the oldest to the youngest and take our picture at every opportunity.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but it causes people to exchange several thousand more in reminiscing. That’s why looking at them is an ideal way to begin your family history. Writing about photos or other artifacts such as diplomas, old school certificates and promotion cards (the one where you would get Poor, Fair, Average, Good, Very Good – I have my last year in elementary school card), awards is a wonderful wayt to start a family history. Looking back at these items generates ideas.

Perhaps in our generation there is the possiblity of answers with a little research. But a generation further on, no one will have the slightest idea who those people are and what was going on at the time unless you put some words with your pictures.


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