Every Story is Worth Telling

Every family is unique, but all families share many universal historical experiences, a fact which places most of our familes in the category of the not-so-unusual. Dudley Randall’s poem “Ancestors” ask the question, “If your ancestors were not princes, kings, and queens, is the story worth telling?”

The answer is yes. In effect, the story is only as good as the storyteller (Griot) – in this case us. Starting out with a trunk full of old documents, letters, photos, and other memorabilia definitely helps. But if you haven’t a clue how your family’s experience fit into the broader pattern of your history or what message can be conveyed using your family as an example, you won’t be able to tell a good story.

The worth of the story starts with your own deep appreciation for your ancestors and what they went through and how they “got over.” What is your story worth to you? Is it worth telling? I imagine the answer is yes.


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