A Woman and Her Grandson

I was going for my midmorning mile walk and passed by a lady with a little boy, they were walking hand in hand. Evidently, the little boy said something as they were approaching me and the the lady stopped and said, “my grandson said you looked like me.” Both of us had our sunglasses on so I know he could not tell what my face looked like. I said to myself, that’s a very observant child.

It is odd to see that kind of bonding these days. A woman and her grandson.

You don’t see very much of that these days. I remember when my grandmother used to walk with us, up and down the street. My grandmother grew up living with 3 generations in a household. So family was always close to her.

In an age where the cell phone and texting is the norm of the day, iPod, email, pictures are sent to you via .jpeg, common communication is very rare. We now have to gather with family according to our various schedules. Everybody is busy, even grandmas!

But, evidently, that child was taken to his grandmother probably while the parent(s) worked. Now that’s old school.

I remember going to family dinners on Sunday afternoon after church at my grandfather’s house. His children would come and bring their children. We would all eat and be full.

That woman and grandson inspired this blog today. Like I said, you just don’t see that kind of connection anymore.


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