It’s All Relative

As I reflect on my family during this Black Heritage Month, it’s amazing how far we have come.  I am proud to introduce you to my Uncle Henry and his wife Jean whose family business is Expressions of Color.  Here is a little about them.

Henry Henderson has been an upholsterer for 30 years, working for various businesses and finally beginning his own business.  Jean Henderson is a doll artist who has been creating and designing dolls since 1993.  A seamstress and designer for many years, Jean began to gravitate toward the dollmaking process, beginning with simple fabric dolls. 

When Jean approached Henry about making a piece of furniture for one of her dolls in her collection, he designed what would become his first piece of doll furniture — a miniature upholstered wing chair.  Although he continued to make furniture for Jean’s personal collection, he still was not convinced that it would be a profitable business venture.  But he was wrong.  Jean and Henry did their first show together in November 1997.  Not only did people buy the dolls, they bought the furniture for the dolls.  It was then that Expressions Of Color was born. 

Please check out their website to view the beautiful dolls and the wonderful woodwork.

We probably had an ancestor who was good with woodwork and this gene might have been passed down generations to my uncle Henry. When family talents come together, it can become a family business and it all can be relative.


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